Day 368: Off-Gridder? Let’s Stop kidding ourselves

Money Matters

Going off the grid - living income guaranteed

There is no such a thing as ‘living off the grid’, come on, isn’t it obvious? This planet is The Grid.

The other day as I talked to a friend and he suggested the solution for this world is to ‘live off the grid’, I felt the usual ‘off the grid argument’ irritation, I should not be surprised though, I used to wish for a life off the grid myself until I realized that The World is The Grid and we are all interconnected -and that there is no way to live off the grid but in our heads.

Think about it for a moment, the water we need comes from the grid somewhere, the clothes we wear, even if we hand stitch them, we have to buy the cloth, or if we weave it we have to buy the yarn, or exchange it for something which comes from…

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