Dag 592 – The mind-body relationship – Sensitivity of the body to thoughts


I was listening to an interview of Quantum Mind Systemization nr 81 – What your thoughts do when you are unwell. Here in I started realizing how I was in a way, still working from the starting-point as if my body was, or should be in very well condition. And I see how I approached my body like this the last 20-25 years, where in I struggled with several physical conditions that had become chronicle. It are not life-threathning conditions, it is a spastic colon and for a year of 10, I have had/walked through the condition of having chronic injuries and from here, weakness to the tendens of the shoulder muscles. So let’s say, it was in my thirties where it was at worst and at the end of my thirties, I started to find solutions to support myself effectively, every time a bit more. Here in I see an interesting corrolation with fertility, where many of my friends during that time, started to build a family and got children where I could not find my way in this and I was not able to really be self-honest towards this point. This is a subject on itself to write out where interestly, the period that is within the eyes of fertility ‘the best’, I felt physically and mentally/emotionally worst, where I did not walk the general road of starting a family and having children.

I have noticed while walking through this rough physical times, that I needed a lot of quietness and rhythm around me to be able to keep myself on my feet and function in a way to sustain myself financially. This means for example that I was working 3 days and the rest of the days, I needed to stabilize myself and I  was not able to do so much more than being around the house – which supported me immensely as I lived in a very cool nature-environment – and taking care of the house and myself. I was sitting on the couche for hours in the morning, reading a book. I had days where I was ill while I was not working, as a reaction to several natural treatments that I had choosen to support my physical body where for example, a detox reaction took place. I did not make very much appointments as I was never sure if I could be present. So I only made some appointments ‘under conditions’ with some people who were aware of my situation and/or were goig through a similar process and so, there was mutual understanding.

Last few years I am really doing better and I have done more than I imagined for myself for a long time. Within this, I started to ‘forget’ that my body had gone through a rough time of chronicle weaknesses and so, it had became sensitive, more than ‘a normal physical body’ is. This is the point in the interview that gave me clarity about this sensitivity. Of course I have noticed this sensitivity already for a long period over years and I have adapted my way of living to it when needed, however I was never really clear about what it exactly contained. Was I a ‘sensitive being’ as how so much is described, let’s say last ten years? Maybe in several aspects (with a side-note that actually any physical being is sensitive in a way). However I could not completely recognice myself within this ‘picture’ as how it is portrayed. I also did not want to limit myself within a definition of my physical conditions within a mind-statement as ‘this is how it is’. I have learned within my study of natural medicine to treat the being/body that can have several conditions and symptoms, because it is out of balance and the conditions are named, however the names are not used to define the being within this condition.

Here I was actually confused of how to approach myself within the situation of chronicle physical conditions and how to take the sensitivity serious, without ‘conditioning’ myself to and as the physical conditions.

In the interview it is mentioned how after a long period of chronic diseases – a condition of being not at ease within my own physical body  as how I see a dis-ease – the physical body becomes more sensitive towards the mind and towards thought-patterns. This explains to me why, in the worst period/years of being not at ease with and as myself, within my own physical body, I could not ‘bare’ any rumour or changes around me. I simply reacted to everything that I was not able to direct and because I did not yet learn how to direct myself in and as reaction, the best and only thing that I could do was keeping my environment as quiet and stable as possible, which easily leads to isolation, as how the mind is actually ‘longing for’, to keep itself alive in this self-created prison.

I have been able to take care of my job where in I was/am lucky that I am working in a supportive work-environment and the other thing that supported me the most to not get isolated was the nature and the animals around me while livig in a very nice house. I have learned to keep my work and house-environment stable as how I have grow up in this and this have been my pilars to keep standing on. Where in it shows how this should be the pilars for every one, to keep ourself stable in and as and from here, learn to expand in an individual process with the ability to self-introspection.

Back to nowadays and the interview that I listened to. After a physical treatment at the beginning of this week with a chiropractor, I became very tired, which I actually already was aware of for some longer time. Last year has been filled with challenges and changes which are going well, however on the end of this ‘rumouring’ period, I noticed that it had an effect on my physical body as within these changes, there were many emotional reactions and thought-patterns triggered. And I need to stabilize myself again, now in more detail within self-responsibility for what is coming up within myself as reactions and thoughts. I am already stabilizing more and more within the emotional reactions and bringing it back to self, which has a stabilizing influence on the whole living situation. From here it is time to be more attentive to the small and subtile thought-patterns that I participate in, especially in relation to the physical condition of a spastic/sensitive colon and the pattern of the stool.

In the interview it is suggested to for a month, support oneself by stopping the participation in the thoughts and walk in real time the self-forgiveness application. Also it is suggested to every night reflect on the day, see what changes there are in the physical body and what thoughts are standing out to stop participating in. Not so much to ‘heal’ the body by this application, but more to give space to the body to release itself from the mind-influences that are interacting with the phyisical functions that are required to stabilize itself as much as possible. When the body is everytime interfeared with me participatig in and as my mind without directing this, it cannot do it’s functions proparly because of this sensitivity towards the mind and thoughts and emotions within.

Through these days, I can see if there are any changes happening as for example, being less tired and more stable over a longer period of time. I have already noticed that I am able to be less tired and more stable within a busy period and so has been my physical body for even months during last year and now I see it as bringing this stability to some ‘deeper’ level within me.

The interviews are of great support to ‘fill in’ the gaps that I am not able to see by/in and as myself and to make sense of what I am not totally understanding.

This within the understanding that: we are not able to walk this process ‘alone’ as there is information missing that we are simply not (yet) able to see and fill in for ourselves, as this is how the mind is set up and how the mind is interfearing. We need to be sure about certain things without any doubt and the interviews are giving a lot of information that is giving this certainty of how the mind is set up and within this, the practical guidelines of how to support oneself within and through. We first need to see who we are in/as the mind and who we are in/as ourselves in self-honesty and from here we will be able to see more and more ‘interdimensionly’ as in all the dimensions that are involved. The interviews are giving this interdimensional information so that we are able to support ourselves, within the dimensions that we do not yet see by/as ourselves. This doing so while walking together as a group, we will have the answers and cross-reference to be sure that the outcome is and will be best for all.

No one is excluded of this ‘group’ as it is a group that supports life, in and as everyone and everything.

So yesterday, the one months started of this introspection process related to the sensitivity of the body to thoughts.

Multiracial Hands Surrounding the Earth Globe

The mind-body relationship – Timeline


This blog does in no way contain a medical advise. With unclarity about a condition – physically or mentally – always contact a practioner/specialist/doctor in the related area to get the support you need and from here, see how you can additionally walk your own process to get to know and support yourself in relation to your own body and mind.


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