Dag 695 – The body-being-mind relationship – The influence of memories


I was having a Kinesiology chat/session with Kim where I was asking for more context about an experience of ‘being ignored’ and in relation to the influence of my reactions (spiraling out) on my physical body. Here I will describe a small part of the chat that I would like to point out.

What came forward is a primary pattern where I react with confusion, anxiety, insecurity, submission and terrified in relation to people’s emotional patterns in general (so not just to specific emotional patterns).

What here came forward for the second time as being related, is a memory; though it is a memory that I do not recognize, but where I saw myself only keeping on looking into the relation to my parents. Then what came forward is that it would be related to a memory that I downloaded from one of my parents, meaning that it is not a memory of something that I have been part of in my life, but a memory from my parents that they did not have been (able to) work on to stabilize themselves within and so the memory kept playing a part of them and had been transfered to me (I can not yet describe here how this happens specificely – it has to do with the integration of the mind-systems within our physical bodies and how things are being transfered from parents to their children).

From what I understand now, is that with this downloaded memory underneath – where probably these emotions were experienced – I developped going into these emotions (confusion, anxiety, insecurity, submission and terrified) in relation to people’s emotional patterns in general. This is as far as how I see it and this is actually the primary point for me to work with.

This ‘download’ happened on the more deeper levels of my mind-body integration (on an unconscious, quantum mind, quantum physical level) and so it influences how I experience myself and how I behave/act.

This is what I could very much relate to as how I describe here in our chat:

Ingrid  Schaefer: aha
Ingrid  Schaefer: that makes sense, also why I Always feel so ‘stuck’ without being able to see something related
Ingrid  Schaefer: my father is emotional a very closed person and it feels like I have more downloaded from him and my brother from my mother, if this is possible.
Ingrid  Schaefer: my chest is releasing now, this left side point
kim amourette: “my father is emotional a very closed person and it feels like I have more downloaded from him and my brother from my mother, if this is possible” – yes
 kim amourette: “that makes sense, also why I Always feel so ‘stuck’ without being able to see something related” – yes as well
Ingrid  Schaefer: cool

And this pattern influences why I react to what I describe as ‘being ignored’ by some male I have been close with and these reactions come actually on top of this initial reaction pattern where in I have not yet directed myself effectively, as this is just opening op and it is making the reaction pattern on this male’s behaviour worse.  The reaction pattern on this male’s behaviour, is actually a distraction of the primary pattern that I need to work with. What I do see in relation to the male’s behaviour is the following:

Ingrid  Schaefer: I can see it related to others emotional patterns in general. In relation to this memory, I need some more time, I will have to see some more in emotions within me related to my father, that I may have created as reaction to downloaded memories, a bit as ‘carrying the load’ for him – this is what I see myself as well doing in relation to this male
Ingrid  Schaefer: so I start doing the work when he is walking out, and also to try to ‘prevent him’ from emotional reacting and then walking out
kim amourette: cool yeah looks like you got the point

Then what came forward is that the primary pattern is effecting my sleep, where in I do not so much see this in ‘not well sleeping’ but more in ‘waking up tired’ and general fatique. (And for myself, I experinece this ‘being stuck’ within my chest/lung-heart area and large intestine).

These inner experiences and how I behave and act, as patterns that I have created over time, are for myself to walk through, to understand, forgive and change myself within, step by step and very specific. Because this is my responsibility, I created this, although the memory was not ‘from me’. In the rest of the chat we walked through more specific dimensions to start opening up this primary point.

What I want to bring forward here, is that this small example underlines for me how important it is to become aware of how my own mind functions and how the mind in general in functioning, how many dimensions are involved here and how this has an effect on my experiences, behaviour and physical body. And, if I do not have access to this information, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to really come to clarity and forgiveness within myself. Because I will keep looking in the ‘wrong’ direction and let myself distract with this.

I also will not be able to really forgive myself, because I do not really understand what I need to forgive and what makes me feeling ‘stuck’ for example and here I will keep on searching and searching for context and even creating new reactions and relationships in this, within my own mind and I will – on a certain level within me – keep on blaming other’s behaviour for how I experience myself and “so then in that point of blame also not considering that my reactions don’t necessarily have anything to do with his behaviour per se (in this specific situation with this male’s behaviour), as my reactions come from deeper levels”.

This is a small example of how I see how our Healthcare in general, needs to be expanded in so many levels. So that we all can receive the best possible support to learn to support ourselves. This is a vision for the future, where many things needs to be changed in the world to make this possible. However on a very small scale, within some individual processes, it is already happening and this is part of how it shall be walked, from the very small within and from here, influencing our relationships and slowly expanding towards the world around us. And this will take time and there is much to investigate.

To be continued.

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This blog does in no way contain a medical advise. With unclarity about a condition – physically or mentally – always contact a practioner/specialist/doctor in the related area to get the support you need and from here, see how you can additionally walk your own process to get to know and support yourself in relation to your own body and mind.

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