Dag 541 – Is an Act of Kindness enough?


There is a video online that has a message in it that is of importance for everyone:

Why I Think This World Should End

I would like to point out some words that are used in it as part of the solution to the ‘misery’ that we exist in, in and as this world as how the video is pointing out very clearly. These words are:

An Act of Kindness’ and ‘Love’.

The word ‘act’ in it points out that we can make a decission if we want to ‘do this act’ or not and that we can do it ‘sometimes’ or ‘when we wish to do so’. Instead of ‘being’ in and as kindness in every moment.

What does it mean to be in kindness in every moment?

As kindness does not mean perse that I am ‘acting nice’ to someone or ‘speaking with a kind voice’. Real kindness may for example mean that I am telling directly what is going on, which might not seem ‘kind’ in the first place. Actually, if we really want to replace the word kindness in an absolute way, we should make it ‘equality’ as equality is the real ‘kindness’ that will last, that is applyable in every moment and that will not exclude anything or anyone.

So how can I be in equality in every moment, in consideration of life as a whole?

Separation does not mean equality so, to be in equality, I have to stop the separation, in and as myself. When am I separated from myself? When I participate in thoughts, feelings and emotions, I am separated from myself as life in/as my physical body. So, being in equality means that I am not participating in reaction as in thoughts, feelings and emotions, in and as myself.

From here, I am able to see what the best way is to approach another human being, as if I am not participating in reaction within myself, not separated from myself, meaning not in thoughts about myself, projected on another outside myself, then I am not judging myself and/as another and so, I am standing equal with and as another as myself.

From here, one could also replace the word ‘Love’ with ‘Equality’ as there is no experience of ‘love’ needed when and as we live in equality. This makes the word ‘love’ more practical, as for most people, love in itself contains a feeling that is not really defined in practical, living words.

Love as Equality.

No judgements as separation involved, as judgements contain an individual interpretation in/as the mind of this physical existance, which is not based on equality, but based on separation in/as the mind. Within and as the physical, we are equal and one. Love as equality means: not participating in judgements as thoughts in/as the mind that are deviding and separating ourselves as life.

From here, we do not need to make an act of kindness or we do not need to participate in a feeling of love, because we are in equality with and as ourselves as others, in consideration of ourselves and/as others and this, is what real kindness is as what is best for all life.

Of course this is a process that we have to walk as change will not come over one night and we are very used to participate in and as our own mind in thoughts, feelings and emotions, in judgements as our own, separated, individual interpretation of this physical existance as a whole.

This is where equality starts, within and as ourselves. We are the starting-point.

However, we have created an unequal system in this physical world because we are existing and have existed in inequality for as long as we know. This system that we have created/manifested within this world as human beings, has become a control-system on it’s own, it has become our own manifested prison. Key-word in it is money. The money is devided and gives devidance on earth. This is not because ‘money in itself’ is the problem. It does mean that in how we have created this system, we need the money to survive at the moment and without money, it is hard – or even impossible – to live in this world. So what do we need to bring more equality within this world? We need more equality within the money-system. This means that everyone should have a decent income to live from, as a start.

Every human being has the right to a decent income, as a birthright to live, from birth to death.

Isn’t that a real ‘Act of Kindness’ for everyone in this world, that is constant, that will last and that will not exclude anyone on earth?

From here, everyone will have the same possibilities to walk the inner process towards onenesss and equality within and as self, into a constant state of ‘kindness’ towards and as life in itself.

This is the only way how we will be able to bring ‘Love’ down to earth, as a Practical, Living Word.

In this way, the world doesnot need to ‘End’ – the world, the system does need to CHANGE and for this, human beings do need to CHANGE. These two changes are directly connected to each other, one cannot change without the other, however, everyone should make the decision for themselves to Start this Change, within and as Self.

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