Dag 641 – Do you accept the challenge?



Every time I listen to a video or record that people walking with Desteni have recorded, I experience within and as myself a gratefulness and certainty in walking this process of self-forgiveness and change here as myself, together with others to eventually bring about a world that is best for all. Listening to the voices of people who are willing to see, to forgive, to change, to support, to push oneself to walk through difficulties as what is best for self and for all in/as life.

One can say that the speaking is perfect or actually not yet perfect, that one speaks so slow, or fast, or a bit incoherent, looking for words to express what one means, however when one listen to their words, it becomes clear that one is busy to learn and practise to speak within words from a starting-point of self-honesty, to not speak out in thoughts, emotions and feelings but in common sense within seeing what is best for all. The flaws in it, that is showing the process that one is walking. It takes time to practise to speak in equality and oneness within and as self. We are so used to speak out our thoughts and feelings and emotions or maybe we are not used to speak at all.

It makes me quiet to listen to all their voices, to hear the common sense within, to see the self-honesty that one is busy integrating or already has integrated, to know that they are here and walking together alone, taking responsibility for oneself and willing to do so and from here, bring about a world that is best for all.

Here I would suggest to not let oneself distract by a way of speaking that one is not used to listen to as this is only a distraction in/as the mind and by allowing this distraction within, one will miss the message of equality and oneness that is existing within the words in each video or record. There are many video’s with different voices and subjects and there are for sure several that one can start listening to, that speaks directly to yourself without you getting too much distracted.

The distractions will point out the separations in oneself and the resonants in this can be experienced as very uncomfortable, even to the extend that ‘one is not able to listen’. One will be able to listen to all of them once the message within is understood and once one has made the decision to stand within self as what is best for all and walk the process towards this. Until then, there will be video’s and records that one is able to listen to, dependent on the subject and recognizion of the person who is speaking and otherwise there will be thousands of blogs and articles to read and start with.

Here it is not about the name Desteni or about ‘being a member’ but it is about the message that each one is bringing forward while walking the process that is provided by a group of people that work and walk together within principles that are best for all life. It is not about specialty and it actually should be or become a group as large as humanity as a whole. But we did not learn this and someone has to start, and this will be the ones that are able to do so.

Learning to walk within principle as what is best for all live, gives a process to walk through our own mind – where we have separated ourselves extensively from ourselves, this through participation in our own mind in thoughts, emotions and feelings, pictures, ideas and believes and from here we have manifested this mind-participation into the physical and this physical reality. Only when we walk through the separation in/as the mind, we will be able to see and walk beyond, into physical equality and oneness. This to bring about a world that is best for all, where physical equality and oneness means really physical equality and oneness and where there is equality and oneness in/as the physical, this is best for all in/as this physical existense, because it is equal for every one in/as life.

To really understand what this entails, we have to understand how we are build up and programmed, how humanity and life is build up and programmed within systems that we have accepted and allowed to manifest within and without and from here, to understand how we have accepted and allowed to separate ourselves from life and from the physical. The result is very and clearly visible in this world that we all exist in and as today.

So to go back to the source of this creation, we have to go back to ourselves and take responsibility for who we are and have become within this programs and systems, within this separation in thoughts, feelings and emotions, pictures, ideas and believes, in and as our mind consciousness system. This is what walking with Desteni is about. Bringing everything back to self, as the source of this creation, take responsibility for everything that we have created in/as separation and from here, bring about a change that includes everyone and everything, as what is best for all life.

It may sound very ideal, however if one starts within the very small, within oneself, one’s relationships and daily life, it will become more visible why and how a change that is longterm and lasting, will be and become possible from the small to the big.

Who starts today and accepts the challenge?


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Dag 267 – Wie ben ik? personal economic background

Dag 266 – Wie ben ik?

I grew up in a middle-class environment.
There was always money enough to eat, and always ‘little money left at the end of the month’, but never lead to any serious money problems.

I have been supported for education by my parents and by government, as how this was arranged in those days. I studied 2 years on the school of Art (photography) and after these 2 years, I decided to stop and switch to an education of Natural Medicine, which is a HBO-level of education (one level below university).

Here the investigation of how the body works really started. And this has never stopped; I am still investigating this within using my own body as a reference.

During studytime I had to work for my own living; only education was payed for and I lived by myself. So I studied and worked at the same time for 6 years.

I still have this balance:
I work for money to live from in an area close to my education, at the Vitaminstore; a store with vitamins and other ‘health supporting products’ where is a lot of room for personal advise and communication. Within this job I have just enough money to live from with the support of some extra allowance from the government and the municipality for house and medical care, as it is arranged in The Netherlands at the moment for people who have minimum income.

At the same time I walk the Journey to Life with the people from Desteni, and as long as I am able to, I will pay for the education and support I receive within this, just as I pay for any other education that I receive. I really do not see why this is suddenly such a big issue as we simply all need money to live from in the world how it exist at the moment. Money in itself is not the problem, it is who we are related to money, that makes it a problem. And money will and has to be (part of) the way to solve the problem in totality in this world, because we are all related to money.

I have started 2 times my own business: one time a practise of natural medicine, one time a store with foodsupplements. And 2 times I was not able to stand in this so I stopped it. I found out that I was still not standing in what I want: to support other people in maintaining and/or reaching stability within the physical body.
I can only be a support for others if I am a living example in this by myself, and I was not, I was not able to be stable within my own physical body. And here I started the Desteni-I-Process. And the Whole World opened op.

The whole world of how we exist in inequality, related to money and survive. Me seperating myself from my neighbour, out of fear of being attacked in some way, in every way. And within this, me seperating myself from my own physical body, living in fear.

As as long as I live in fear, I am not living in and as the flesh of my body but instead of this, hiding within fear in/as the mind. So what is this, the mind, who is the mind, who am I as the mind, why am I as the mind not working together with myself as the physical body? Why am I as the mind not working together with my neighbour? Who am I as the mind not working together with myself as the physical body and with the neighbour as the physical body as myself? How is this related to the environment I live in, to the family I grew up in, to the whole world I live in? Who created the world and who creates the world? How is the mind related to money and within this, how am I related to money?

All these questions are related to how the world exist at the moment: total inequality and immense suffering. And if I donot investigate and change myself, than who is gonna change the world? The neighbour?

So, I started this process out of seeing for a long time in my own life: there is defenitely something wrong – altough it seems like everything is okay – and nobody is speaking about it. My own body as substance is reflecting to me, there is something wrong.

And the physical world as Earth as a Body as substance is a reflection of who I am/who we are, and there is defenitely something wrong – and actually it doesnot even seem okay anymore – but still almost no-body is really speaking about it. And if you Do speak about it and work together for a solution, you will be attacked. Now that is a strange thing, isn’t it?
Will I keep on living in fear of being attacked and in fear of loosing my comfort, or will I stand up and speak for myself and/as others who are not able to speak?

I am and keep on walking this Journey, to get myself stable within my own physical body, and eventually be an example for others to become stable within their physical body. Which starts with food, water, house and education for All.

What is best for All, is best for me, because All includes me.

Day 15: Who am I? Prisoner of the Mind?



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