Dag 651 – Is human nature corrupt and if it is, how can we change this?


Let’s have a look at the very small examples of corruption that takes place on a daily base within the aspect of corruption as briberay. We know the corruption world-wide that has to do with using money to get something done that the one with the (most) money wants, without considering if this is best for all that are involved in/as life. So corruption here can be described as an action of self-interest, within the interest of one or a very few.

How is it that we ourselves use corruption in our daily life? Isn’t it so that we are all familiar with corruption from a very young age? As for example a promise of a desert if we first eat our meal, or the promise of a candy if we co-operate with a task that needs to ben done. This is actually a form of bribary with a reward in it. It is not teaching us why it is best that the meal should be finished or why it is best that the task should be done and it has also no possibility within to see for the child itself, what the responsibility is within. It learns for example that ‘I will finish my meal for a nice desert’ or ‘I will co-operate so that I can have a candy’ which is a limited reward-system actually.

Here we see that corruption entails a ‘reward’ without considering the consequenses from doing this in a ‘corrupt’ way – corrupt meaning, not considering the responsibility that needs to be learned and lived, if we do want a result that is considering life as a whole and all that is involved.

Then what is here the solution? The solution is not so easy because these small examples of corruption (with the use of rewards involved) are often related to a lack of time to teach, to make mistakes, to co-operate, to make a nice meal from certain food or to investigate why a meal is not finished and find solutions for this, because many of us has to run to make money to survive, which can also be seen as a ‘reward’ within a – more or less – corrupted system. So we are all involved into this corrupted system related to some form of reward of ‘no money no life’ and this needs to be turned around to make this world a better place for all. Not to judge or ban each and every ‘reward’ in itself, but more to learn and see what a reward-system is actually build from, so that it can be used from a starting-point of common sense and in consideration of what it entails.

A way to start with this is to start recognizing this pattern within ourselves and then not go into self-judgements, but going into a self-forgiveness of participating in a corrupt system within and as ourselves. The fact that we participate within corruption in and as ourselves (or easily being tempted to participate) may sound cruel at first, but if we really see direct and with common sense, we all have to come to the conclusion that this world is build of relationships and relationships are formed by human beings and human beings, that are you and me.

So, saying that ‘we have nothing to do with how the world exist today’ is not grounded within common sense but more based on ignorance of how each of us is responsible for how this world exist today, most of us through a passive acceptance and allowance more than an active creating. We are all participating in it through money, electricity and water for example so we are part of it and we are inter-related within this physical existance on earth. From here we can see a bit further into human nature, and if we really do this within ourselves within self-honesty (so beyond the corruption as dishonesty as how the mind functions), we will see that how the world-system exists today, is a reflection of how we exist within ourselves, each one of us, in different aspects that all together ‘create’ the outside world, through relationships.

A solution to start with is to start within the very small, within ourselves and learn to see how we are using corruption to get what we want, to reach a certain goal without consideration of the whole and what is best, but more from limitations and hiding behind excuses as ‘having no time’ but also from a point of ‘really not knowing how to do it differently’ because we didnot learn this, we did not get the support that we all needed and need.

It’s time to teach and support ourselves to create relationships that are best for all and everything that is involved, as this includes ourselves. Meaning, that if we do something from a starting-point of self-interest, it eventually is also not best for ourselves but compromising ourselves in the way we compromise others. We are part of the relationship, we cannot exclude ourselves from this. The ones with a lot of money can still do so, that is where corruption is used on a large scale. However no one will have a narrow excape in the very end, although it might seem so for a while or even for a longer time. But corruption, it is actually done from a pretty limited view and it ignores how we are all inter-related and it’s definitely not getting the most potential up and rising within this world, within each human being and within and as life in general.

Corruption is used as a way of control or as a way to seemingly get out of the control; without seeing, realizing and understanding that within using the same ‘control-mechanism’ as corruption is that we want to get away from, we still limit and control ourselves within and as this very control-mechanim that we use and apply.

Only if something is actually strong and wise, control is used as a mechanism to suppress the strength and wisdom within, to suppress the expression of life actually. So realizing this, we can also start realizing that there must be something more within ourselves, within each one of us, if control is used on such a large scale.

There is  a very effective and structured way to open up these control-mechanisms first within ourselves, to understand and forgive ourselves within and from here, make room for correction, within ourselves/within the relationship with ourselves, from here within the relationship with those around us and so eventually spreading out, to the relationships that the world-system is build of.

It is not the whole picture ofcourse because the world-money system is very intriged and build as a closed system, so there are changes needed on a very large scale. However, one can start within self, simply because someone has to start and only each one of us can make this decision for oneself to do so.

Investigate this free online-course to stand up for /within oneself, within the recognizing of the potential that each human being (and life as a whole) can be. Which, if we will be able to (together) build a world from this utmost potential as what is best for All as Life, is the greatest Reward that one can imagine.

“There is Help, there is Support – if you Dare to Investigate. So, start with DIP LITE – it is Free, with a buddy to Help you to Break through some of the Points. But it will require Extensive Study. Whenever somebody claims they are Enlightened, know one thing: Enlightenment was part of the Script, Enlightenment isn’t Real. You cannot become Enlightened, from the perspective of some form of Consciousness – because, that will Separate you from your Responsibility as Life and you will Never be Self-Honest about what you really do.”

“Do Investigate, Test Self-Forgiveness, get to Understand Self-Honesty. Do Not Listen to your Thoughts, and your Feelings and your Emotions – they are your Guards of your Jail Cell. You are just in a Prison, ‘Pry Son’ – you are the Son of your own Design, you are the Creator, you are Playing God. But all of this Playing God, is all an Illusion of Self-Interest – where you Place your Interest before Life. That is Unacceptable.”

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