Dag 614 – Interaction with a large dog

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I was visiting someone who is having a large dog. He is a pedigree-dog (different than on the picture here) but I am not so familiar with the names and I forgot what name it is. The dog was very playful and large and a bit wild – not at all any agressive wild but more ‘young and playful wild’ as he is only 1,5 years old. So he kept coming with a ball or just jumping around or running through the house. He likes to play and get attention.

I am not so much used to play with dogs because I have grown up with small animals (rabbits and guinea-pigs) but I have been on the farm in South-Africa for a month with a lot of dogs around and here I started to learn to get used to be surrounded by and live with dogs and really started to like dogs, where before I was a bit affraid of them because of not knowing how they will interact and only when knowing a dog, I would go to him/her.

This large dog came looking and playing and so I had to find out a bit how he plays and if he would bite while playing because the dog has big teeth in a big mouth. The owner said that he wasn’t agressive at all but sometimes you feel his teeth while playing because of being enthousiastic. So when starting with playing with the ball with him, I noticed that I could not really play this game and still had some fear of the teeth at the same ball that he wanted me to pick from him. So for then I let this to another one.

What I noticed is that the dog was pretty wild but after some careful approaches from my side and speaking out and showing to him that I was not so familiar with the ballgame and stopping the ballgame for a while, he did not came for playing and some time later he came to me much more carefull and quiet. I noticed this so I could stroke him and he liked to stand between two legs and take the ball there from the floor. In the end he was lying on the floor in total relaxation as how animals are masters in and I notoced him being so very gentle and kind for such a young dog being very playfull. I really liked how he aligned his approach with mine so that we could interact and snuggle. I from my side prevented myself from provoking him into wild playings as how is easily be done within interaction with an animal to make him/her enthousiastic. I let that to the big guys lol mainly because I met the dog for the first time.

I write this in a blog because it was standing out for me how very fast the dog aligned with my more gentle approach and became more quiet almost immediately while his approach was more wild in the beginning (perhaps also because where he lives and grew up they are more wild and load and the owner is a large guy). Dog-owners do know this ofcourse, how much aware their dog is and this is in fact so for all animals in general, they are so much aware and if treated gentle and not forced in a survival-mode they can and will be of so much support for us human beings to become more aware in and as ourselves and our physical body.

Check out the interviews within the animal-category and those about pets and owners and learn so much more about the animals than most would probably expect at first about the awareness of all animals being here.


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