Dag 633 – Migration – Is there a long-term and lasting solution?


There are many aspects of migration from human beings from one country to another that can be investigated. A situation that most takes place is that in countries where there are more opportunities to build a decent life; people will migrate to these countries from other countries where there is less to none opportunity to build a decent life for oneself and their family.

Within the countries that are more opportunities, many people react more or less to migrants coming in. Here it is already a flag-point for oneself, that if one react to people coming to the country one lives in, there is fear involved as how the reaction is showing. Why fear?

Basicely we fear for ourselves that we do not have enough money (to buy food and water, housing, health-care, education) to live from. Basicely we fear that we physically will not be able to live and if more people are coming in, there is less to divide, as a simple calculation that we have learned at school.

What we did not learn at school is to see into solutions of how to live with limited resources here on earth and how to co-operate within this from a point of what is best for all, which can be applied within the principle of ‘give as you would like to receive’. It is teached to some of us from a religious point, however there are important missing links in the religious teachings of Jesus as how it is brought into this world and so, many turn their back on the basic living principles that are mentioned within but that are not of any count on long term as what is best for all, as long as there is not a total insight in ourselves and the world-system in who we are and how we are living under the influence of the religious illusion of God/The Mind/Self-Interest in relation to Money.

So, we can state here that we have learned what the problem is (limited recources that when devided with more people, one will have less) without being educated to find and apply solutions that are best for all. So we are educated from a point of fear because a problem without solution, gives and/or confirms the experience of fear within ourselves.

Fear is not a good adviser. But we all believe that we have to live from this starting-point of fear because that is how we are educated from a very young age, from birth. And this is how we are controled within ourselves, by ourselves in/as fear and by the money-system that is build from this point of fear, to create friction and conflict that is obviously coming forward when one has to divide limited recources from a point of fear that ‘one has less when things have to be divided with more’ without being teached how to live within equality and oneness, meaning to divide all that we have from a point of co-operation in consideration and support of all live on earth.

We can discuss this very widely, however everyone knows that this is the situation that we are living in at the moment. And it is only getting worse. So we all do see the problem.

From here, when we look into this question: is it a long-term solution that is best for all living beings here on earth, to react to migration and become angry at the ones who try to move to another country because there might be some better circumstances to build a life there? Here we do neither need to discuss the answer widely because here also everyone can answer this very quickly for oneself: no it is not a long term solution that is best for all life here on earth. It is based on fear of having too little and actually based on fear of others (projected on the migrants) taking everything and ‘taking over’, as this is how we have learned what will happen from a starting-point of fear.

Here we come back to the basic-line that we are not well educated from birth of how to live practically on earth with limited recourses in a way that is best for all. We only learned how to ‘get what you can get and/or protect what one has because there is not enough and otherwise others will take it’. Where we know that the ‘others’ are also teached to get what you can get and/or protect what one has because otherwise others will take it. And this is deeply ingrained within ourselves, within and as the mind consciousness system and it is deeply ingrained in how the world-system/money-system is set up.

So yes, we can state that we do have a problem. But that does not mean that there is no solution possible that is long-term and best for all.

The solution is not to be find instantly. As we see how we are educated over years and this for generations long, one can imagine that it also takes years to change this within ourselves and within the world. And the first step in this can be to see in our own reactions of fear towards people coming to your country – ‘your country’ as the country that one is born in/living in’ as it is not ‘your ownership’ that no other has access to. It is a strange thing actually that people have to move from one country to another because it is not livible in the country that one is born/living in. It is unacceptable.

So a solution that is long-term and best for all, will be to make it livible for all inhabitants in every country and to exchange recourses with other countries to come to the best possible basic-needs to create a dignified life for all on earth. Here, again, every one can see in common sense that this is the only long-term and lasting solution that is best for all and that in the end, will stop the fear of ‘not having enough and/or having less than others/others taking over the access to the recourses’. A long term solution will be to give as we would like to receive and this applied by all/most of us.

We do all see this but most do not see how to come to a long-term and lasting solution that is best for all and so we give up before we even start to investigate and apply the very small steps that are needed to eventually, make a change in this world in how we exist. And true, there is so much hold in control within the world-system as how it is set up and from here, accepted and allowed to exist by every human being, that it seems impossible to change. In fact the control of the resources has been taken over long time ago. And from here, it seems better to ‘make the best of it’ with what one have and protect this the best possible way for oneself and ones siblings and some others nearby, under this state of control.

Here I suggest to start with stopping the fear, the resistance, the reactions in oneself and to investigate where these reactions are actually coming from. This is the ‘control’ that one can start investigating, within oneself.  From a starting-point of fear we will not be able to find solutions. There is a part of the fear that is reality-based – as we do live with limited recourses and how the world exists today, we can be sure that we will not receive our ‘equal share’ so to speak. There is also a non-realistic-part and/or a part based on future-projections and “what-if statements” where we only take ourselves in consideration in a lot of things that we actually do not directly need physically but that we do not want to ‘loose’ and share with others. And so here, we are ‘to be feared by others’ because we are not/no longer willing to live as what is best for all and give what we would like to receive ourselves. So self-honest self-introspection, self-forgiveness and self-change is definitely needed here.

If we all do what is within our ability in this, within ourselves and/or without in the system, in the positions that we are living in and within the area that we do have an influence on, this will already support with creating a ripple-effect to stand up for a world that does no longer need migration from a point of survival and where eventually, migration can become an expansion and sharing of different cultures where we will be welcomed in another country. Wouldn’t that be a great way to exist, live and share?


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