Dag 663 – The cycle of abuse


Have you ever been participating in an abusive relationship? Many of us have and I would actually make the statement that almost everyone of us have in some way. Because, who for example has been ‘bullied into silence’ in their life once or more? Or maybe not ‘bullied’ in a way that would be recognized as such but for example ignored, or laughed into silence. Almost every child has been in this place in a situation that is not taken responsibility for after it had happened. From here, almost every child will do the exact same thing to another once or more later in their life, because this is how it has ‘learned’ and stored as a memory without learning how to correct this and here, the abused becomes the abuser. And so on.

Abuse can take place on a very subtile level or on a very visible level and there are many degrees in between, however the mechanism in it in the very beginning is the same. And to understand this mechanism and from here open the ability to end it, we need to get to know our own mind. Because, the mind in itself is set up as an abusive program. So let’s bring ‘abusive relationships’ into another perspective so that we do not fall into ‘oh’s and ah’s’ and emotions of ‘pity with others’ and judging it as ‘so bad and how can he or she do this and/or allow this to be done onto’ because no one is supported with that for real and it actually shows that one is reacting in separation from oneself and from the abuse that takes place on a daily base in the relationship…….with ourselves. Where we bully, ignore, laugh ourselves into silence.

What I came across related to the word abuse is the next picture:

cycle_of_abuseWhat is standing out for me is the word ‘forgotten’ in it as an essential point/sign that there did no correction take place. With every incident that happens, we have the choice what we will do about it and a decision who we are or will be/become within it. When we so called ‘forget’ what happened, we actually are suppressing what has happened and here we are not able to take responsibility for ourselves within what has happened. And if we do not take responsibility for ourselves within a situation that we actually should, it will be ‘stored’ somewhere within our physical body as a memory with emotional attachements that will remain there untill it will be activated (again) by someone or something else that we ‘react to’ in for example angryness again. Which gives a cycle.

When we do recognize the cycle of abuse within a relationship/within ourselves, this contains an opportunity for change or correction of who we are within what happens in every phase. Where we should actually not ‘forget’ what happened but where we need to forgive ourselves for what has happened. As well for the abuser as the abused. Only if we give ourselves the opportunity to forgive ourselves for who we are within a certain situation, pattern, accident etc, we will be able to eventually correct a pattern effectively within and as ourselves. If we do not forgive, first and foremost ourselves, we do not yet have seen and understood how we are involved within this certain situation, how we are part of the creation and that which we do not (yet) understand, can not (yet) be corrected by ourselves. Because the mechanism has not been seen and understood.

There are so many dimensions involved in abusive situations and relationships. This blog is more to point out a tool that one can learn to use as self-empowerment through learning to understand the core of every abusive situation and behaviour: the mind consciousness system that exists in every human being.

There is a very practical course free available online where one will be guided by and through the course material (and a personal buddy) to learn what a mind-consciousness system is, what self-forgiveness actually contains and how one can learn to apply this for oneself. To from here look out for solutions and eventually apply the self-corrections in physical reality. Which is ofcourse a process over time. Check it out here.



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Dag 590 – The mind-body relationship – Self-limitation


Since a few weeks I am looking into a decision to start a project at work where some coaching of a student is involved, this on request of a young student. It is new so it takes some time to investigate all the possibilities and official requirements. After considering and discussing the possibilities, I still tend to not step in, I have reasons for this and the reasons are subscribed within the conversations with colleques. However, the student does not agree with this stand and actually, when I look deep into myself, I also do not agree with myself on this stand. So I hesitate but still round it off in conversations, however within my head, it is not round off, no matter how much reasonable subscriptions I find within myself.

I recognize this pattern because I have written/am still writing a whole mind-construct about this pattern of ‘subscribing my decisions with reasons and justifications’ and walking the correction on paper and in real time (related to a different subject). So after the final conversation to round it off, I sink within myself and feel very shitty about the situation. The decision that I have made, is not best for everyone and so, also not best for me. It hurts. I hurt myself in this (and perhaps I have hurted another, however that is not to me to conclude). What I do know and experience is that I hurt myself. Not in an emotional way, but in a way of seeing that my decision and action is limiting myself in my expansion and from here, I can be sure it is of influence and limitation on another in their expansion.

To correct this, I have to make phonecalls, first to get some more information and second to discuss if I can reconsider my decision. Within this, I have to admit that I hesitate and that I was not sure about myself in/as my decision and I have to show this to the ones that I call. Here in is the risk that they do not ‘take me serious anymore’ because I hesitate too much, however then the door will yet close. This is not the case. The one who has to make some official arrangements is willing to re-open the case and after this, the situation will be fast arranged. He asks for my motivation, I describe this the best I can and he agrees with me. And that is that.

Here I go immediately to living the correction because I have walked the writing and self-forgiveness of this construct already extensively as I mentioned in writing out a whole mind-construct with the support of a buddy and I basicely/already see the mind-construct playing out within myself in/as the mind; I have taken the time to investigate and discussed the possibilities within this current situation, I have first established a stable situation at work during the last weeks and I have seen within myself that I am able to direct this situation and to (learn to) apply some coaching activities together with a collegue who is also willing to do so.

My physical experiences in this whole event are as follows:

When I finally ‘round off’ in a way where in I did not consider for everyone what is best, I started to sink more and more in my body towards an experience of paralysing. I notice that it is a state that I did not enter for quite some time, which is an indication for me that lately I am pretty much moving myself in agreement with myself in consideration of all members as what is best (which I can check within myself by seeing if I apply that which I am able to at my utmost potential for this moment/in the stage where I am). I directly notice again how limiting it is to not do so and how within not moving myself as what is best, is influencing myself in every area of my life. Because if I am not standing in and as this starting-point of considering all living beings involved and applying that what I am able to, then who am I to ask such a thing from another. And here, I will allow myself to hold back, because otherwise I would not live what I speak. I cannot speak/ask to do what is best/what one is able to and not do it myself. So basicely I bring down myself in every aspect of what I actually decide to stand for and as and within this, feeling unworthy to speak up.

From here I become emotional and easily ‘swept away’. I become depressed and feel the pressure of the emotions around the heart-area which influences the left-upper corner of the large intestine, in the area of the spleen and heart. (In the iridology there is a line that they call the ‘splean-heart line’ where in the relation between the spleen/digestion and heart is noticed as of influence on each other). A deep cry comes out of my chest-area and then it becomes more quite inside myself and I decide to place the correction in and as a living action.

After correcting myself in the living action and actually already after making this decision to do so, the depression and paralysing immediately start decreasing and after a while, I notice some warmth and better circulation around the heart-area in a way that I did not have before. This area always feels ‘harmed’ and constricted and now there is coming some warmth in it which feels physically great, as a release. I did not specificely know/see how it was related to this self-limitation of not doing what is best and how not doing what is best, actually is the self-limitation in Itself.

Why did I not do this immediately? Because of fear of not being able to direct the situation; out of fear to take the lead as responsibility for and as this situation and out of fear of it all ‘being too much’ for me together with other responsibilities and fear to physically collaps within this.

I noticed from the beginning that I am the ‘decisioning-factor’ in this, and that I hold and determine the outcome and the direction is my responsibility within the situation that I bring this new element into; I cannot allow to influence this ‘new element’ in a so to speak ‘negative’ way within and as the situation that I work in within the system. So, I have to stand in and as self-trust, meaning enough trust to direct the situation, otherwise it doesn’t make sense to make a decision purely based on knowledge and information ‘as what is best’, as this holds the risk of over-estimating myself which in the end, is not best for all involved but more a ‘risk’ to everyone involved, including myself and the working-area.

It seems such a small example which is of influence on one being and we easily ‘sweep away’ the importance of this influence with reasons and justifications in/as the mind. However, every one needs someone who is reaching out and making some arrangements possible, to learn and expand oneself in. It is not so easy these days to make a living in the system, to find a place to develop oneself. This is the main motivation for me to step in, because what I have seen is that if I am not doing this, this opportunity will close off, for both of us. That doesn’t mean that the life of another and/or myself is dependent on only my/this decision as we all have our own self-responsibility and ability to forgive and correct ourselves and make decisions again and other doors will open, however this one opportunity is here.

There is still a better warming circulation in the left-area which moves on to my left-shoulder and left-arm. The situation has to be directed from now after receiving a respons from the student.

Within this I have to mention that I have some physical support from a ‘remedy’ that is alligned with the current state of my body that is coming from a bio-resonance consult that (together with other symptoms) showed how the heart-area was affected in it’s circulation. This alligned remedy is bringing my body-functions into a state of rebalancing and movement where in it can recorrect itself, so my body in itself is of support at the moment. However I have to see, investigate, forgive, correct and change the mind-constructs in real time, to establish a correction that is lasting for and as myself, in and as my physical body.

The mind-body relationship – Timeline



This blog does in no way contain a medical advise. With unclarity about a condition – physically or mentally – always contact a practioner/specialist/doctor in the related area to get the support you need and from here, see how you can additionally walk your own process to get to know and support yourself in relation to your own body and mind.


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