Dag 359 – Porn – What is the Question we should ask?

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In the discussion about the porn-scene, there is often spoken about the ‘line’ of what is abusive and what not. How rough the sex is, if the woman did agree on it, and within this if the woman was informed about what would happen before she agreed on it and if she had a possibility to stop if it was not what she expected and she could not handle it. So actually the questions that are asked within this, are all about what is allowed and what not Within the total allowance of Pornography.

The point in this is: aren’t we asking the wrong question? The question is manipulating the outcome as the answer.

We have to see beyond the balance of this ‘thin line’ of acceptances and allowances Within pornography. What should be questioned, is the existence of Pornography as a Whole. We are so ‘used to’ the existence of porn, that we do not even look anymore why it exist in the first place, what it is in this world that caused us to Watch Other People Having Sex, from soft ways to the most horrific ways we can imagine. Isn’t this The question in itself?

What causes us to watch porn as other people having sex? Because, the demand determines the product, so the question why porn exist is simple: because there is a demand so it is a way to make money. So, if you are watching porn:  you are contributing to and keeping in place the whole porn-industry in relation to money.  You really think the porn ‘stars’ would do this job if there was no money involved? Get real. Would you do this?

So this is the first thing to realise, porn is here because people are making money of it and we are all dependent on money to live,  and money is not equally distributed so we are all living in and as a survival mode. Sex as how it is used in the porn-scene is a way of surviving, to earn money. The porn-industry is making advantage of this. Within this, the point of ‘free choice’ in participating in the porn-industry is seen from a totally different perspective, which shows: there is No free choice in this, there is only need for survival.

Second thing is the act of sex in itself.

Why are we watching to other people having sex? Isn’t sex just a physical act, firstly implanted to reproduce, just as animals do, and secondly usefull as a support to become more physical, to enjoy physical touch and interaction, if and when it is applied in a way that is supportive to the physical body and where in people that are involved agree equally, without any manipulation applied, which means they should be totally aware of what they are doing. To be totally aware of what we are doing before we make the decision to have sex, we should be educated in this. And who in the world is Really educated in the principles of having sex in a pleasurely and respective way? Are you? Who did teach you this? The porn movie that you watched, which is produced to make money and where there is ‘free choise’ of how abusive one like to watch it?

The point is, we don’t know what we are doing while we are having sex. We actually have no idea. Most just start doing this because the whole world is making a lot of noise about this, combined with hormonal changes inside our body around the age of 14, which are activated and making us feeling restless. Within this, first thing we ‘learn’ in this world, is that we have to ‘do’ something with these activated hormones, and if we don’t, we are ‘missing out’ on something. This something means ‘sex’. We learn that we miss something if we do not have sex. So, in essence, we learn to have sex to make us ‘feel better’ than who we are without having sex. This in itself implies that sex is Used, so abused to ‘reach something’, which is a ‘better feeling’ about ourselves. This is called Self-interest.

Did we need sex when we were a young child? No. It is activated. I am not saying that we should not have sex. I am saying, that we have to really investigate what sex contains, that we have to be educated in this and educate the ones that come after us. That we are not ‘more or less’ when having sex or not having sex. There is no ‘free choise’ in this, we are all addicted to this search for ‘feeling better’ about ourselves.

And porn is made to feed this, and at the same time making money out of it, which makes the ones who make money out of it, ‘feel better’ or ‘more powerfull’, and within this using the ones who ‘choose’ to involve because they need the money to survive.

It is not ‘normal’ to watch other people having sex, just because we like it. If you could choose, would you choose to watch other people having sex or would you choose to do it yourself? Are you watching at movies that you know are really abusive if you would act this movie out in reality? So you choose to ‘watch this’ other people doing on a screan? Why are these people doing this? Because of your demand for it; you buy it, they get money for it. So actually, porn stars are acting out on all the hidden fantasies of human beings who are willing to pay money for it.

If we donot watch porn, but have imagines in our head during masturbation or having sex, this is exactly the same. It is all connected to each other in the same Mind Consiousness System. And we are all contributing to this. We ‘think’ it is harmless to make pictures in our head, but it is not. And this is what we should seriously be educated in. Only this education can make us see how we All are equally responsible for the large abuse that happen in this world, which is all related to the area of money and sex. And deep down, we know this, otherwise we would not hide it. We only don’t understand How it is related. If you deny, you are not self-honest and you want to move on only for and within your self-interest. Which is a serious problem.

If you see the common sense in this article and you find yourself addicted to for example watching porn-movies – also the so called ‘innocent’ ones – know that there is support to understand and stop this addiction. Know that honesty seeing into self in this, and saying, hey, I see I have a problem here, I only don’t know what to do about it, this is self-honest and it takes courage to do this and to do something about it.

There is a lot of free material available to start educating yourself. It is a lot, so just start and take on one by one. Allow yourself to free yourself from this addiction, as any addiction is only making us feel better for a very short time and it makes us feeling worse afterwards, and this feeling worse will enlarge. This is how addiction works, and we know it.

If you have the chance – meaning if you have acces to internet, which you have, otherwise you would not be able to read this article – educate yourself, and within this, stand up for a world that is free from all sorts of abuse, related to sex and money.

To all people who are just having ‘innocent’ pictures in the head of wanting to have sex with the lovely neighbour or handsome colleague, and for the rest having a ‘stable’ life with enough money to live from and for example a happy marriage and kids; also: educate yourself.  You, We, are the ones that are able in the first place to stand up. Exactly just because of being relative ‘stable’, it is possible to start with the self-support Right Now. Stand up for Life on Earth, stop the allowance of abuse related to money and sex and be a part of the solution. If we all do so, this world will be a total different place, as a place where we all are willing to live and contribute; if we all give as we would like to receive.


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