Dag 611 – Cat Punching – How can we see it as a wake up call?

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#CatPunching is not an easy subject to discuss. With cat punching the abuse is so direct and clear, from a human against an animal that has no chance to get away from the physical, horrible pain of being punched on the head while being holded. Most of us humans are strongly reacting to this injustice. It has to stop.

Ofcourse it has to stop. Together with so much other abuse that takes places in this world. Abuse that we do not react to anymore. Which is quite strange actually. The hunger in many countries, the horrible conditions that animals are existing in for the meat-industry from which we buy daily in the supermarket, the wars, the killing in wars, child abuse, the destroyment of the earth; but also the small abusive moments that we accept and allow within our near relationships as manipulation, lying, gossiping, ignoring each other in the small needs and questions and so much more. It is uncountable, the abuse that we participate in on a daily base. And what most of us do not realize – because we have never been educated in this – is that within this emotional reacting inside ourselves,  activated by the pictures of the catpunching that we judge – here what happens is that we generate energy within our own mind and this generating energy is…….. a form of abuse in itself, towards our own physical body.

Everything is so integrated, suppressed and/or ignored in and as abuse towards this physical life that we do not even see what we are accepting and allowing within ourselves, within our own physical bodies and how this is interconnected to what happens outside here on earth. So we can say that we have a huge problem here in this world that needs to be changed, if we do want to stop this abuse FOR GOOD and all as for example the cat punching.

So in this light, we can see the catpunching as a wake up call. It is so direct and horrible that it is clear defined as abuse. But how does it come that the abuse in general exist on such a large scale in this world without us doing something about it? And if we do notice the abuse, then how is it possible that we are seeing ourselves as unable to stop the abuse in this world where from experiencing this emotion of disempowerment and injustice, we start reacting to it?

We need so many new or actually re-definitions of what we accept and allow and what not in this world. Because at the moment there is so much abuse existing – where we can describe abuse as ‘inequality’, meaning the reality of ‘having more than another who has bearly nothing’ and the believe that from having more, we ‘are of more value’ while such a large part of the population in this world, did not have a chance to make a difference with their lives because they are every day forced to fight for their lifes and for something to eat. With regards to the animals, they are not able to speak for themselves in a language that we as humen clearly understand and so again, because we do not hear them, we do not take care of them and because they do not have money, they cannot ‘buy’ their rights so to speak.

Did you ever had such a horrible picture coming up in your head when carrying a very vulnerable, small animal that is totally dependent on you and that can easily be breaked down and from here, there is this one second with a thought coming up – and from here quickly suppressed – that if you punch it there is nothing that the animal can do?

Isn’t it strange that this seconds/moments of thoughts and pictures are coming up within ourselves, even if in daily life we are a very carefull an gentle person? Where does this thought/picture come from? Why do we for example fear to be hitten, raped, robbed by another? Why are this pictures coming up? Because it happens in this world and we are grown up with stories, movies or even experiences where it did happen. However, we never go back to the source and ask ourselves WHY IT DOES HAPPEN AT ALL and why it is coming up in our head when we have never taken part in such situation.

We really have to go back to the source if we want to stop the abuse as inequality in this world. Of course the cat punching needs to stop. It is so obvious, one cannot ignore or deny this and there is no reason thinkable of why it should be allowed.

To stop the abuse on a large scale, we have to be willing to go back to the source and to see straight and direct into this source, because only if we see what the source is, we will be able to eventually change.

The source of abuse does exist from two major pilars that need to be investigated, forgiven and changed:

We as the human race

The moneysystem that we/the human race created and/or allowed to be created

And from here seeing the connection between these two pilars.

It’s cool to start to do something about an activity as cat punching and being motivated to stop this abusive behaviour. From here it is time to see further than our physical eyes will see at first and to take responsibility for what we have accepted and allowed in this world as abuse on a larger scale, within and without and from here – instead of abusing this physical existance ‘because we can’ – start taking responsibility as real care for this physical existence, including ourselves and our own physical body.


Because we can. Because it is the only solution. The human race is the only one wo can decide to make a real change in this world. If we are not willing to do so, we will destroy life and with doing so, we are destroying ourselves. So the cat punching is actually a horrible projection of how we as human beings, choose and/or have choosen to (accept and allow) abuse, within and without while we are often not aware of what we are doing and/or allowing as abuse and what is actually happening.

It’s up to each one of us to decide where we will stand.

We can keep on judging the abuse and/or blaming the ones who do so in a partcular situation, however judging or blaming is not making any difference, it is even enlarging the abusive behaviour because it is generating energy, as reaction within ourselves and as reaction within the abusers. Positive and negative energy are coming from the same source, it is nothing more but a polarity and for generating a positive or negative energy as experience in/as the mind within ourselves, we are ‘abusing’ our own physical bodies because we are using this physical substance to generate energy from which gives the positive or negative experience.  It is based on the same mechanism from where we are (ab)using the earth as the physical substance to ‘create’ money from.

One can say that this is an unbelievable scenario. But what if this is in fact the case and we have missed it all the time, only because we were holding onto our ‘believes’ and so not willing to really see and investigate the source?

What we tend to forget here, is that at one day, the physical substance is burned and consumed and there is nothing left. Unless we stop this abusive behaviour, within and without. This abusive behaviour within and without is what is really hurting ourselves and/as live in general from where we start reacting and judging in/as the mind. Because we do not really want to see and feel this pain that the abuse is bringing forward on a large scale and investigate how we all contribute(d) to this.

So first thing to do, is to stop judging, blaming and reacting and to start investigating the source from the abuse on earth, within and without and the possibilities to bring Equality for All Life Here.

I invite you to investigate:

Desteni I Process (individual process within – practical application inclusive a free Lite course)

Living Income Quaranteed (world process without – a proposal to investigate and contribute to)

History of Mankind (youtube – detailed background information beyond ‘belief’)

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