Dag 737 – Teeth, systems and self-responsibility


Since a few months I have placed a brace in my mouth to correct my teeth. Last week I had the second check up and correction of this brace. This time I experienced more pain in some of my teeth, especially the few that they had placed a different line in between to move them, the few teeth that are more in front than others.

The same evening I was looking in the mirror and saw that some teeth already had moved. One opening that was created to create space, had been closed now and the tooth most in front was more pushed back and in between the others. Remarkable to see how fast this can go and also understandable that I feel pressure on my teeth in this.

I do not botter this ‘pain’ or pressure on my teeth so much, I rather see it as that something is happening and I do experience it as supportive, this pressure on my teeth. It is bringing my awareness more back to my mouth and this focus is bringing me more back to myself and what I need to align within/as myself.

Next morning I had some difficulties with my stool and with a cramping intestine, as I do have from time to time, and here I was laying down for a while and see what I am experiencing within myself, by gently pressing on the sensitive places. The most common experience here was ‘as if there was something done unto me’ and from here I experienced angryness.

Here I then applied some self-forgiveness on the experience and see if I have something more specific to bring back to myself. After a while I came to the realisation that actually no one ‘did something to me’ but that it was me who had done everything to myself, that I many times was ‘finding something to create some distraction’; I experienced self-blame and then again angryness about this self-blame.

As soon as I realized that it was all a ‘self-attack’ – and here I mean with realized, that I not only ‘knew this by theory’ but that I could see it within me – the pain on this teeth decreased and went away. After this I still feel the pain for a few days with eating for example, as the teeth have been moved with some pressure and this gives some kind of ‘blue’ feeling in this area for a few days.

This does not mean that I, by realizing that I attack myself and ‘do something to myself’, that I now am ‘done’ and that all tension and misalignments are solved, as I need to understand them one by one in how I have accepted and allowed myself to create these misalignments, so it is more a starting-point of self-honesty that I can walk from while taking responsibility within self-forgiveness and self-correction for the self-separating programmings within/as myself.

Here it is important to really see and realize this within and as myself, related to my own specific programmings. The theory has given the start to open this up, to work towards this self-insight, self-forgiveness and eventually self-correction and self-change; however when I do not yet have really understand this within myself and within my own specific situation and creation, it is still only theory and I will not be able to change anything within myself. My body is the perfect reference-point for this, because the discomfort and pain is only releasing when I really see and understand a point within and as myself.

This point brings me to a ‘proove for myself’ of the principle that we create our own inner discomforts and pains – and from here, I am more and more able and willing to take responsibility for my self and my own experiences and crations in/as thoughts, feelings and emotions and then again, integrated physically.

Note: here I am speaking about the created thoughts, emotions and feelings and not so much about the harmful physical circumstances that many grow up in, which is for me clear to work with because I have been fortunetely to grow up physically quite stable.

So I first then have seen that this theory and information is based on common sense and standing as a principle that is considering what is best for all, including myself, that is prooved by others and from here, I apply the given tools, to really see and understand this given information and principles integrated within myself. So that from here, I will be able to take responsibility for myself in thought, word and deed, step by step, day by day. 

The interesting thing in this process from consciousness to awareness that I now walk with the support of correcting my teeth, is that I can use this to align myself with some related pre-programmings and then from here, learn to direct myself within, to stand ‘my ground’ so to speak. So that I will be able to less and less, allow myself to be moved by the automatic and/or preprogrammings within/as myself. Because as long as I exist within these programmings, I am not considering what is best for myself and/as life as a whole, in/as this physical existence.

Here I have to come to understand how I created this within and as myself, as a survival of my own mind-consciousness-system and if I really understand and so, forgive myself; while doing so, I enable myself to start moving myself without being influenced by automatic thoughts, emotions and feelings coming up. So that I am and will be able to more and more make decisions that are trustable and best for all.

Some back-ground information on the mouth-point and the teeth by Veno:

4.) MOUTH point

The MOUTH point is the ‘holder’ of the pre-programmed life experience of yourself here on earth within the White Light gridline structure – referred to as your ‘blueprints’.

As you ‘come of age’ you lose your first set of teeth that had come out. The first fresh beautiful set of teeth that come out when you are a child I will refer to as your ‘Pure Teeth’. They are pure from the perspective that they are developed from within the pure life essence resonance foundation as who you really are and actually support who you really are. Yet, here come the designers of consciousness enslavement and control systems and implement a system within your entire physical body as you develop in the mother’s womb, which is actually transferred to you through the ‘sins of the fathers’ principle, that ‘push out’ your ‘Pure Teeth’ and replace it with ‘System Teeth’.

The ‘System Teeth’ carry the blueprints of your entire life experience here on earth, meaning that the blueprints as your ‘System Teeth’ carry your entire pre-programmed life within the White Light gridline structure. The moment your ‘Pure Teeth’ fall out and are replaced with your ‘System Teeth’ – your entire life, all the experiences of yourself here on earth, is programmed and infused within the White Light gridline structure on earth. Because your ‘System Teeth’ carry the blueprints of your pre-programmed life here on earth within the White Light gridline structure – the two lock in together and voila: You are ready to experience your manifested pre-programmed life here on earth.

Your entire life experience on earth has been pre-programmed humanity – and it’s all allocated in the blueprints of the teeth you currently have! Understand that the blueprints of the ‘System Teeth’ that are developed and come through when your ‘Pure Teeth’ fall out – is transferred from within the preprogrammed mind consciousness system already manifested and infused within you while you were busy being developed in the mother’s womb. And this is how the consciousness systems within you started manifesting into an actual becoming here on earth as you experience yourself: The consciousness systems manifested as you grow, physically and mentally in this world as indicated by the teething process. Therefore the teeth you now have is supporting consciousness systems as who and what you have become and accepted yourself to be – as you live and experience yourself within your pre-programmed life design.

(NOTE: I am not saying that you must pull all your teeth. In PART FOUR I will be giving all practical examples of how to support yourselves and the children to come in not having to be controlled and enslaved, but to take your own power and direct yourself as who you really are within which this part I have explained above will be placed into perspective for you. So pause on pulling the teeth.)

(Veno – Structoral Resonance point Part 2 Phase 1)


This blog does in no way contain a medical advise. With unclarity about a condition – physically or mentally – always contact a practioner/specialist/doctor in the related area to get the support you need and from here, see how you can additionally walk your own process to get to know and support yourself in relation to your own body and mind.

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Dag 610 – The mind-body relationship – Articulation and twinkling lips


From experiencing myself as restless during the whole day (last week) and having a conflict in the evening, I decided already that evening to next morning – after additional a remarkable dream during the night – to lay down on my bed and sound self-forgiveness and release the energetic experiences. I was able to let go of some deep emotions from the past that were pointed out within the dream, where in the area around my solar plexus was responding with noises and some relaxation from a very tight state. Within this I started to notice how in a moment, my lips started to move in more clear pronouncements and I became aware of the expression within my lips/mouth and the articulation of the words within this. As if my mouth became alive and my lips are physically feeling more full and a bit twinkling.

A while ago, I asked Sunette during a chat (and/or a being expressing itself through Sunette) if there is anything related to my underlip being very dry and changing it’s skin very fast on and on. This was the answer given:

“IngridS, – FEAR of SPEAKING, the dryness is you almost ‘shrinking’ yourself into inferiority within yourself – like sucking yourself back into the mind, into suppression – so here, we’d suggest having a look at your fears you still give into in the mind when it comes to people”

It was not the most nice answer to hear lol but it was very supportive and bringing a focus/awareness. It was not a totally ‘new’ insight but had some new aspects/dimensions and also showed me the seriousness of the effect of inferiority. So I took this with me while moving on, keeping an eye on my lips, on speaking, on fear, continuing walking the patterns coming to the surface and at the same time not yet seeing so much change inside myself instead of keeping an eye on myself with regards to my lips.

During the sounding/speaking of self-forgiveness this morning, I was taking responsibility for a decision in the past that I needed to make to get clear sight on myself and to stand up on my own two feet but in what I see that I limited myself and another with regards to the living environment. This gave some release from tension in my breast area and movements with bubling noises in the area around my solar plexus and a on a specific place within my body and my large intestine.

While speaking/sounding the self-forgiveness and going into this more pronounced articulation and movement with my mouth, I noticed how I normally and almost always tend to ‘not take too much time to speak and to speak quite fast and keep it short as if I could not take so much time from others to listen to me and to not pronounce too clearly, a bit like mumbling and from here, being relieved if I was finished speaking’.

While articulating when sounding the self-forgiveness, what came up within me was ‘I am not sure if I dare to do this and take this time to pronounce while speaking with others’.

However I enjoyed and enjoy the physical experience within my mouth and lips, when speaking and also when not speaking so this gives a nice focus for myself while speaking and to become more aware of the words I say and slow down within. Because now when I write this down, I remember that so far, I do not like speaking very much and/or doing it within resistance ‘because I have to’ from myself, especially when it is an expression that may be ‘new’ and so I might meet some disunderstanding. So to prevent myself from an experience of being not- or misunderstood and going into inferiority inside myself because of being not understood, I start a bit mumbling and talking as if it is of not so much importance what I say and that ‘you can choose to listen or not’ as if I do not care so much.

I do care, I do react when I notice that someone did not hear me, not understood, not listen or forgot what I said. That was what the conflict (from inside myself projected on the outside) was actually about the other night. So quite an interesting sensitivity coming through here within my body in my lips and mouth, showing how I create this ‘not being heared’ by myself by taking away the attention from it.

Also recalling that about a year ago or something, I placed a picture on facebook where a woman gave a comment mentioning that ‘my eyes are laughing but my mouth not’ in a positive way, she liked this expression where for me it was ringing a bell and at the picture I was also keeping a hand for my mouth.

I am not used to express myself within my face and keep my face most of time as neutral as possible. Where I assume this being related to the ‘neutral state’ in/as the subconsciousness within myself. To not show what is going on inside myself. I simply did not learn to express myself through my face and mouth within words, as I did not have a living example in this while growing up. Which is my responsibility to take on within and as myself and practise and develop an expression from/as myself. I practised this within my body within many dancing-lessons through the years and I learned myself to use my eyes and body to express myself. However I was not able to allign my face and voice with this and stopped the dancing-lessons when focussing on other area’s.

A process to be continued and follwoing up with self-forgiveness, as this is a realization coming through that is up to me to bring into practical/physical living, alligned with myself in expression.


This blog does in no way contain a medical advise. With unclarity about a condition – physically or mentally – always contact a practioner/specialist/doctor in the related area to get the support you need and from here, see how you can additionally walk your own process to get to know and support yourself in relation to your own body and mind.

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