Dag 739 – My process with sleeping – back then and now


Let’s take a moment to look at some changes that I have walked during the last 6 years in the time that I am walking with others, together in a group named Desteni. It is an individual process from consciousness to awareness, yet it is a process that I cannot walk alone, as I need others who are walking in the same principle, as support and point of cross-reference but also first and foremost, to receive the ungoing ‘information’ that I do not have access to by myself, simply because we each have our own path and specific access to certain area’s. – as for example the information that is given via the Portal that I then can use and investigate for and within myself.

Within this I realize every day that what I am walking now, I would not be able to do in this way without this group. It is like I could see the potential within myself but I was not able to bring it into application and so, it was more an idea of what ‘could be possible’ but where I at the same time, could not comprehend that I really could do it and actually do it.

I will start with a very small example that is practical, visible and open for investigation and application for everyone. This example is….the hours of sleep every night.

Before 2011, I was sleeping about 9 hours each night. For several years, I did not feel so well physically and with this amount of sleeping, I was able to keep myself up and running for the responsibility of taking care of myself and the house and going to work to have an amount of money to live from. At some point in spring 2011, when I already had investigated articles that Desteni is providing, I decided to bring this amount of sleep back to first 7,5 hours. So I stood up early in the morning and allowed myself to have 1 extra cup of coffee (with a maximum of total 3 small cups a day, where before I had 2 each day – here to note that I do well on some coffee, related to my bloodgroup A, however when I drink more than 3 a day, it makes me restless and uncomfortable).

For three days, I felt dull and sleepy. But I just sit through and after a few days, this went away and here, I was able to sleep 7,5 hours each night.

This was the easy step; after this I have been walking several years to bring this back to be able to sleep 6 hours a night, however I still notice that I tend to sleep a little longer, but not longer than 7-7,5 hours. This is interesting already in itself, as it shows that this 9 hours was not needed at all, not even in a period where I did not feel well physically.

In this years after 2011, I felt myself many times ‘struggling’ with this sleep. I experienced the influence when I slept too long, where I find myself ‘too much in my mind’, feeling dull, not able to direct myself and struggling with this waking up moment every morning, where the struggles mostly existed out of self-judgements about this point.

After a few years, I decided to buy an alarm that wakes up with first some ‘daylight’ coming up and then some sounds of nature. This supported me to make it a more ‘organic’ process and here, I actually started to really support and embrace myself in this, instead of keeping on judging myself about things that I was not yet applying.

I also noticed – when I was in South-Africa for a month, living in nature at the farm, together with other members of Desteni – that I could do with 5,5 hours of sleep. A site-note here is that at 21.00 in the evening, I then had difficulty to stay awake during a group-chat for example but as far as I can see, this is something that I could train myself in as well.

What I do notice when I am here in The Netherlands, is that I do naturally wake up after 5,5-6,5 hours sleep and I feel most relaxed when I have 6,5-7 hours in bed so that I do not start ‘worrying’ about not ‘having enough time to sleep’. However I am more flexible, where I sometimes sleep less. I am then tired but still able to do my tasks and then next night, I sleep 6-7 hours again.

I also notice that I still tend to stay in bed longer than my body really needs, however I am not so much making a problem of it anymore and actually waking up every morning between 6.00 and 6.30.

I very rarely tested to sleep a lot also for example during the day, in a moment that I was walking through a difficult point within myself, however here I do notice that I physically and mentally, start feeling more and more dull and slow and ‘waking up’ then really hurts, where it is as if I then first need to push through my mind-systems before I am ‘here’ in my physical and this process is then repeating when falling back to sleep, waking up, going through this painfull experience etc until I stand up again.

From here, my next challenge is to be able to sleep when there is not so much silence around me, while for example sleeping with someone else next to me. The sleeping-process is still something for me to have attention for and find a balance in. I do need a quiet rest every night/most of the nights, to keep myself physically stable and so, there is still some panic coming up if I notice that this may be disturbed, especially if it is for more than one night. After a ‘broken’ night, I do not function so well through the day and I am not so much able to enjoy myself, but then only ‘pushing through the day until I can go to sleep’.

So this sleeping-process, it can be quite something to take on as it has many aspects/dimensions related to it to consider and investigate. However, a 9 hours night-rest, it is not needed, and so is not the 8 hours each night in most cases (where I leave out the specific situations of for example illnesses, extreme heavy physical labour and exhaution, as these can be conditions that need a different and individual approach).

I have lived this proof for myself now for many years and as I have showed in the beginning of this blog; if there is one ‘person’ who was ‘convinced that I need my sleep’, then it was me!

Interesting to already shortly mention that my physical well-being and condition did improve as well through the last 6 years, where I will in time to come, write more about and what I also already did write a lot about in several blogs here. The ‘long sleeping’ was more a way to keep myself surviving, because of a lack of effective tools to support myself within the suppressive effect of my mind consciousness system on my physical well-being. So I did both: bringing back the amount of sleep and bringing in the self-support that I received (and am receiving) via Desteni.

To be continued. Thanks.

Questions and Perspectives: Sleeping (only 4-6 hours required):


Sleeping is also pre-programmed within and as the mind consciousness system within human beings – when you ‘sleep’ this is when the mind consciousness system ‘regenerates’ and ‘rejuvenates’ itself in preparation for ‘another day’ when you’ll be ‘actively participating’ as a mind consciousness system within this world as the unified consciousness field – thus the mind consciousness system will ‘while you’re asleep’ ‘dig into’ and ‘submerge’ itself into the subconscious and unconscious mind to allocate memory banks, thoughts, past experiences etc. – to merge / rise / install within your conscious mind, so when you participate within your daily ‘life experience’ you’ll have a ‘new fresh set of thoughts / thoughts patterns’ to pre-occupy you with.

Thus – the ‘sleep stages’ are actually where you submerge you within yourself, while your mind submerges you and takes you ‘with it’ from the conscious mind, into the subconscious mind straight through to the unconscious mind – (your deep sleep), see the mind takes you with it, because it cannot exist without you – and the mind can only take you on this journey through the mind stages to rejuvenate and regenerate when you’re ‘asleep’ so you don’t actually know this is really happening.

Thus – ‘sleeping’ is an automated constructed system within and as your mind consciousness system – to ‘keep it going’ – to ‘keep you going’ as a mind consciousness system. Thus – this is where dreaming takes places – dreams were the diversion for human beings to not actually see/experience/un­derstand what really happens when they dream in any way whatsoever. You ‘think’ you’re dreaming – but your mind system is actually taking you on its journey through the mind stages into the unconscious mind – to ‘dig’ and ‘search’ for thought patterns / behaviours / system alignments from the ‘global unconscious as the unified consciousness field’ – to install within you, to ‘implant’ within you – to ‘pre-occupy’ you through another day – and so this continues every evening you sleep – this is the procedure that takes place.

Then when you wake up all ‘groggy’ it’s you together with the mind as the mind – rising up from within the unconscious to the subconscious to the conscious – when you’re ‘awake’ – you’re fully / completely within and as the conscious mind.

The reason why the world says 8 – 9 hours sleep – is because the entire procedure takes 8 – 9 hours for full completion – installation and implantation of unconscious mind manifestations to be infused within and as your own mind consciousness system.

Though – what we have done with regards to dreams is the following – instead of you going within and as your own mind journey through the mind stages – we’ve compressed all three mind stages to one singular point within you as you – where we ‘brought together everything and all of you to one singular point within the mind as all three mind stages’. Thus – when you sleep – you don’t submerge anymore – but is placed within this one singular point – where dreams are inserted which assist and support you within the current point placement of yourself within your process – thus – dreams now assist and support you with regards to where you are in your process currently – the ‘point’ of you within yourself.

That’s why we suggest only 4 – 6 hours sleep – this is all you require – because if you sleep longer than this – you’ll move beyond this point placement of you within you and submerge with your mind into the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind – thus you giving your mind the opportunity to regenerate and rejuvenate itself – by installing and implanting manifestation within you from other human beings in this world through the unconscious mind unified field connection / interconnection – and have experiences / reactions within you – that’s not even of you – but believe to be you – then the moment you believe it to be you – you make it your own – and thus so ingrain the reactions/beha­viours within and as your own mind consciousness system.

4 – 6 Hours sleep is sufficient – it’s all your human physical body requires – because then it’s not sleep per say – but resting your human physical body for a moment. It will take some diligence to ‘re-set’ yourself to only sleep 4 – 6 hours a day – though each have the will to do this.

Will do the self forgiveness list as well – though – here for the moment – diligence and discipline to only sleep for 4 – 6 hours maximum.

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Dag 297 – Expressie en de Darm – The Inner Test

I had a chat with my buddy from the dip-pro course yesterday; I said I was irritated and my intestines feel cramped and irritated, and he asked:  Irritated intestines. So what is the inner test?

The Inner Test. This makes the irritated intestine more tangible.

Slapen cliparts


I still sleep too long, and in relation to sleep I have created and build up several, well many limitations for and about myself. One of them is fear of tiredness. Not just fear of the experience – which I experience physical, as it is not really physical in source but it manifested in a physical experience – but also fear that if I do not listen to this tiredness and push through, I will ‘break down’ something in the physical and do harm to the physical.

Which of course is vice versa, the information I turned around in/as the mind, as by over sleeping and generating energy within this and judging myself for this, I actually harm the body, as the participating in/as the mind is what is doing harm to the body and not the pushing through lol.


To write out the related topics to sleep and the patterns and fears that I created around sleep; investigate them, forgive myself the patterns and correct myself in this where in I create the ability for myself to stand up in this patterns and fears related to sleep within the support of myself.


Having no more sleep than 6 hours and within this having more time to write and do the other daily tasks in combination with the job outside the house, and within this being satsified with myself in pushing myself to do as much as possible and so to push myself slowly but surely to the utmost potential of what I am capable of, which is the real inner test.


Let’s make a general start:

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear the physical experience of being tired, where in all my muscles feel so heavy and powerless, where in my eyes just want to close, where in I experience my whole body as just wanting to lay down and go back to sleep, where in I experience myself as unable to stand up, to put aside the blankets, to experience the cold, to sit down on the side of the bed, to breathe, to drink some water, to stand up and go to the bathroom.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to wake up in the morning after 5.5 – 6 hours sleep, just before the alarm goes off, and not wanting to stand up, altough in that moment I do not feel tired.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to start creating a thought after the alarm goes off, and from this thought see the moment where I make the decision to stand up immediately or to lay down for a while and wait again for the snooze-function of the alarm which is 10 minutes later, believing that I only will lay down 10 minutes, but every morning repeating this pattern from in between time of 20 minutes till 1 hour, and so within this spend up to 1 hour more in bed, after which I stand up, already irritated by myself that I did it again.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to every night make the resolve to stand up immediately when the alarm goes off next morning, and really feeling like ‘this time I am really doing it’, and next morning again make the decision to procrastinate the standing up and using the snooze function of the alarm, for a short or a longer time, but snoozing is snoozing.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to make myself believe – although I know I lie to myself –  that short snoozing like 10 or 20 minutes is okay, and only long snoozing is not okay, not using the common sense in this that there is no ‘in between’ in making a decision, and as long as I am standing in between, I allow myself to fall.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to act as an addict every morning with regards to the decision of standing up immediately after the alarm goes off, in which I use excuses that are really no different of the excuses that a drug-or alcohol addict uses every time, every day with regards to the decision to stop drinking and/or doing drugs.

To be continued

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