Dag 710 – Reflection on the years of fertility

I have made a serie om soundcloud where in I describe what I have walked with regards to the period of my (physical/biological) fertility. It did become 29 tracks, all with a length around five minutes. It is really a serie as they go from one to another and sometimes referring to each other. I have created a playlist where the records are placed in a row and following up on each other. The tracks are numbered and easy to listen one by one but to place it in context, one need to listen to the whole serie.

For each track, I will write a blog where in I place the self-forgiveness on the points that I describe in the record and so, walking through time and taking responsibility for that what I may not yet have brought back to self. So the tracks will pass by again, one by one.

The motivation to create this serie is for myself to walk through and take responsibility for what I have accepted and allowed within myself and in my actions and for the emotional and feeling attachements (if not already done). While doing so, I will place it within myself as a period of learning and understanding.

Another motivation is the sharing, because during that time, I would have appreciated to hear about such journeys, as support for myself. So that it may be of support for at least one other person who is experiencing a more troubling time during the years of fertility and/or while reflecting back on it; but also for everyone to expand in awareness and consideration of what is involved within our ‘hormonal system’ that seems so natural.

It is a personal sharing with the (main) aspects described as they are, where in I explain my point of motivation during that time, together with my view and perspective on it now. It may be a bit slow or messy sometimes where I search for words and ways to describe what I have walked and what I see within me, especially in the beginning tracks as I just started here with making records and English is not my mother language. However, when listening to the serie, the essence should come through.

Enjoy and thanks for listening!

Reflection on the years of fertility (playlist on soundcloud)

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