Dag 772 – Equality within principle

What is coming forward in this world is how ‘intelligent’ one is for example and how we within this, are feeling ‘better’ or ‘less’ than each other and all kind of gradations and related experiences within this. I was looking at the years now walking and working together with people from the group Desteni, that within living by principle and the application of the tools to support ourself to ‘honour’ the life within each living being and align ourself with this starting-point in thought, word and deed, there is an equality coming with and within this where in ‘intelligence’ is not important and not even so much visible; actually because every one is expressing oneself at best ability at this moment, pushing oneself to live by principle and honour the life within oneself and each other.

The same I have seen within for example an education that I have followed of natural medicine. This took six years and within this six years, I have slowly get to know all the students a little more, where I was more ‘in contact’ with a few and becoming ‘friends’ with them, however in weeks we spend together to practise the natural medicine for example, each of the same class, is coming more closer together and the differences or ‘likes and dislikes’ are slowly moving to the background and the appreciation and respect for each other walking this same path, is coming through, which is a uniting force.

We can ofcourse understand that everyone is made and part of the flesh – meaning we all have a physical body – and so in this we are equal and also every human being has a mind consciousness system so in this, we are all equal in this – common sense. However, in this walking by principle within a group, it becomes really visible how this equality is coming through within the interaction and expression of each one walking alone, yet together.

In this, the principle of ‘equality and oneness’ is becoming visible in what it means in the reality of this life on earth in each of our daily lives. It is like slowly starting to see ‘through’ all the veils of separation and comparison and differences within capacity and ‘intelligence’ and moving self towards this equality, that we all do know and understand in theory, but that has never before become a living reality here on earth.

What is possible in a small group of ‘students’ or ‘co-workers’ or ‘participants’ as I have described here, is possible in a large group as well – large as in ‘humanity as a whole’. But ofcourse, there are many challenges to find solutions for, because the separation that we all experience inside (within our participation in thoughts, emotions and feelings) we have created outside as well and manifested in a system that is based on separation and inequelity as well. So there is much that needs to be taken on and this will take time and some generations to implement. But this doesnot mean that it is impossible, altough it seems like there are ‘too many problems to overcome’.

The question in this for each of us is eventually: do we want to participate? Do we want to be part of the solution and stand and work together in this – coming from a starting-point of equality and oneness, in and as life and merely, are we willing to learn what this actually means and to ‘unlearn’ that what is not effective and supportive anymore for this life to come through in each of us?

Many on earth do not have the possibility and are too much busy with surviving and ‘getting some food on the table’ (where many do not have a table to put the food on), but those who have a computer and who are able to read this, mostly have the opportunity to start investigating who we are in thought, word and deed and how to change and align oneself in this to equality and oneness, to at least start to participate and doing our best to be part of the solution, firstly inside ourself.

Within the Desteni I Process it will become more clear what this process towards ‘Life’ means and what Equality and Oneness means and can mean in our daily life. It is a free course to start with.

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