Dag 624 – Prison Solutions: walking the internal process


I have walked some time with a male who has been in jail for a year during the time that I already knew him. He has to go for an ‘old imprisonment’ that was still open and that he would have to sit out when he goes back to his own country. The reason for having to go to jail in the first place was that he years ago, did steal some copper from the railways to sell for money so simply said, the reason was money to live from.

He did not mention so much about this time, only that it was really not fun to be there. However I also saw some benefits in him as he was there for a year without any distraction or possibilities to distract himself with for example enslaving substances and the days were very structured which seemed to have a stabilizing effect on him.

The point that I want to see into here is that this time in jail, could be used so much as a time to prepare someone to step back into society as how it exists today. There is a video made about this subject where a practical aspect is discussed. Here I want to discuss the more internal support that we all need to really be able to direct ourselves within a world full of distractions that are around us everyday, well especially in the western countries of course with lots of choices and within this, the experiences of not being able to participate within the making of these choices because of not having the money to do so, which distracts again.

So wouldn’t it be of most benefit for everyone if during this time in jail – where we leave out the starting-point of the existance of jails in itself, as this is a point in itself that needs to be questioned and looked at – the persons/beings in jail will receive support and supportive material to start learning who they really are, how and what they/we all exist of as human beings within a physical body and a mind and why someone is coming to a point of ‘going to jail’ in the first place?

The only thing that is needed is the possibility for writing and someone or more ones who will stand as a buddy (meaning someone who is walking the same internal process), to read the words and ‘walk’ with someone through their mind and in the first place, to support in getting to know ones own mind and how this is build up.

I can already say by now that if this male would have received such support in his own language for a year, his life after jail would have most likely, been better directed by/for himself and so, would have been different, with different chances/possibilities opening up and him being able to step in, keep standing and better understanding what is needed to be done to make a living in this world.

This year in jail can be a year of self-introspection and of learning essential life-skills so that when one comes out, one is better prepared to live within this world of distractions and choises and direct oneself through and within. If everyone is doing this in jail, there will be an equal participation and so, the time in jail will be much more quiet and equal and can even become a time of mutual support and understanding from the point of understanding oneself and understanding oneself, means the ability to forgive oneself and from here one will be able to really understand and forgive another.

Only from this point of self-understanding, one will be able to correct oneself and so, create a different life for oneself than one has lived before going to jail. So jail could actually be a place of transformation and this would be very usefull, where by now, time in jail is mostly seen and lived as a ‘waste of time’ and after this, same song starts repeating.

At the moment such support is not available and one cannot decide for oneself to make it available as the support is provided on internet and internet-connections are not allowed in jail. One can write on paper for oneself, however then one needs to be already familiair with the support-methods which is in most cases not so. And also the quards should be walking the same process and then there would really be an environment of mutual support and understanding.

This may sound odd and ‘far from my bed’ for most people but actually it is very simple and practicle, which most practical solutions actually are. Because the only thing that is practical needed, additional to what is already existing in and as the concept of jail as how it exists today, is an internet-connection that only gives access to the support-method with a buddy. So the big issue here is existing within our own minds and so the question is: are we willing to change our ‘mind-set’ and willing to see inside ourselves, instead of pointing fingers to others or anything outside us?

The fact that it is almost ‘unthinkable’ that something like this would exist in an prison-environment where quards are standing as a point of support instead of standing as a point of ‘control’, shows how far away we are from physical reality and real care-taking for each other. It shows how we are imprisoned within and as ourselves, in our own limitations in our head – so within so without – and this is something that we need to change.

Start today if you have the possibility to do so.

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