Dag 752 – Resistance and finding practical support

This morning I was listening to the interview ‘Practical Grounding Energy Definitions‘ from  the Quantum Physical series in the Eqafe Store. It gives a practical example of how we can see ourselves walking in a hall way with rooms on the left side as every day life moments that we may walk in to and rooms on the right side as moments that we eventually can create for ourselves and others involved. The hall way represents then our baseline stability of who we are where we from here, can decide to walk into the rooms as moments and deciding who we are, within and as a self-expression. Well, this is my very short description of the outlay in the interview – for detailed understanding I recommend to listen to the interview and also to the two interviews before.

I had some resistance coming up towards the description of self-expression as “self-expression is something that you access in a moment for a moment, depending on who you are with and what you are doing. When you are moving to the next moment, you let drop that expression, you return to your baseline stability of who you are and walk into the next moment”.

What I experienced here is a form of ‘ueselessness’ with how a self-expression is only here for a moment and then not ‘useful anymore’. As if I want to ‘collect’ and keep my self-expressions.

However on the end of the interview, I started seeing the bigger picture of the example and how within this approach, I will be able to better direct myself and go back to myself within and as this ‘hall-way’ (as myself in this baseline stability where “I anchor myself, ground myself, become stable, be me”) and then from here, walk into the daily situations/moments (left rooms) and practise creating new moments (right rooms). Where within the moments, I face what I have to face as for example some reactions that I then can bring back to myself and take responsibility for.

While realizing this, it gives a very ‘simple’ and directive view and way of how I can live my life. It actually gives a basic foundation of living. And from here I then need to live and practise this in my physical reality as for now, it is more a realization that gives a ‘cadre’ or lay-out of how to live in and as self-expression.

So what in the beginning gives an experience of resistance for me, is on the end of the interview giving a supportive and ‘simple’ approach that I actually like and find very useful. It shows again that where the resistance is, this is where I need push through and not believing the resistance as something that I ‘need to get away from’ but as the opposit: as something ‘where I need to be’.

A short sharing from a point that I picked up from this interview so far. Many more practical and supportive suggestions/applications are already given in this one interview and in others as well. Enjoy!

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